Travel Multilevel Marketing Business

Did you remember the special travel package rewarded to first pair in the pit stop of Amazing Race? They were from the Travelocity. They were particularly popular of the “dwarf” statuette.

Travelocity is a brainchild of the leading travel innovator Sabre, the world’s largest travel agent reservation system. They really are big to make it to the Amazing Race show.

They claim to be an expert in travel and works with the world’s most respected travel providers, ranging from airlines, hotels, car rentals, cruise lines and other destination attractions and services like food, baggage, accidents, etc. They, according to a 5-month study, beat Expedia and Orbitz pricing of 88 and 87 percent of the time, respectively. They have the lowest fare with discounted weekend getaways, travel packages through its Last Minute Packages and Total Trip. And they provide the most honest, no-hidden cost and expertly travel advices 24 hours a day.

Yes! They are indeed an amazing travel group. Thus, joining in their affiliate program through Travelocity Branded Program is a guaranteed quality and income. And it is travel industry! Everyone loves to travel. Who does not?

The Travelocity Branded Partner Program pays you flat commissions and revenue shares from the following:
1. airline tickets and cruises;
2. car rentals;
3. hotel bookings;
4. flight and hotel purchases;
5. Last Minute Packages package;

Thus, if airline tickets are costly, commissions are high.

Travelocity is however not boundless. They meticulously assess affiliate program applicants, maybe as brand quality control. In some sense, it is a good effort to veer away irresponsible referrals, which are often in travel industry. Return rates of tourists are definitely low when their first travel experience is bad. Travelocity most probably factored this premise in drafting their affiliate program agreement.

Their deep understanding of travel is already amazing for Travelocity and who does not love travel.