A Home Based Internet Business Goes Wherever You Are

My husband and I are pretty lucky. We own a yachting business that allows us to travel all over the country. We’ve been up and down the Florida coast and just recently made a trip to New York. Traveling is something that we enjoy, so when we were looking to expand, one of the things that attracted us to our current home based internet business is the fact that it integrated nicely into our active lifestyle.

When it comes to starting a home based business, you certainly have a lot of choices. The internet has opened a lot of doors for people and has made it possible to start any kind of business you can imagine. If you love making wooden toys, you can start a home based internet business selling your crafts online. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to achieving your life goals, however, you want to make sure your business fits in with the kind of lifestyle you want to create for yourself. If you are free birds, like my husband and I, who love to travel, then a home based business that requires you to stay home and produce a product is probably not the best business for you. For travel lover, an internet based business is the best option for you.

A home based internet business offers several distinct advantages over other types of home based businesses. The major advantage is that you won’t be tied down. If you have a cell phone and a laptop, you’ll be able to run your business wherever there is an internet connection. This means, if you suddenly want to pick up and take a road trip to California, you’ll have the freedom to do so.

If you tap into the right home internet based opportunity, then you will also be able to make money even if you are not actively working your business. I am a firm believer in having multiple streams of income. But just as important is the fact that your business should also provide ways to generate passive income.

Passive, or residual, income is money that you continue to earn long after you have put in the initial effort to generate it. A prime example of this is book authors earn royalties on their books years after they first wrote and published them. Having streams of passive income in your work at home internet business makes it so your time and your income aren’t so tightly wound together. This provides even more freedom to come and go as you please which is particularly important as we draw closer to our retirement years.

When evaluating home based internet business opportunities, it is important to make sure the business will fit into your active lifestyle. My husband and I settled on online business because it provided us with the maximum amount of freedom, offered opportunities for passive income, and didn’t require us to deal will selling a product or managing inventory.

Start A Home Travel Agency

If you want to start a home based business, you might want to consider starting a home travel agency. This type of business is very lucrative, if it is marketed right, and it is very easy and inexpensive to get into as well. In fact, you will find that this is one of the easiest ways to get started with a home business, because you don’t need your own product or service. Instead, your service is based on the products and services of others. All you have to do is to put those products and services together with the people who need them. The easiest way to break into a home travel agency is to contract with another travel agency. Many larger travel agencies offer franchises, but this can be quite expensive. There are cheaper ways to get started, such as with a network marketing host agency. Through a program such as this, you can get started with your own web-based home travel agency for as little as $170 bucks. Starting a home based business has never been easier, or cheaper.

A company like a network marketing travel agency will basically provide you with everything that you need to make your home travel agency a success, but you will be responsible for marketing your business. When you choose to go with this option, the company that you choose to work with should provide you with immediate online booking abilities, which are available around the clock. You should also receive a website that is ready to accept customers, and you should also be given access to numerous travel deals that you can offer your customers.

By using a network marketing travel agency, you don’t have to worry about collecting fees from your clients. Instead, all fees are collected by the host agency, and you are paid a commission of the total fees. Furthermore, the entire thing should be automated, so that you can spend your time gaining clients, without actually having to serve them. Instead, the website should serve your customers well.

Furthermore, the company that you choose to work with for your home travel agency should provide you with training, as opposed to leaving you to figure things out alone. A good company will provide you with a welcome kit, a step-by-step guide that you can follow, access to a private agent’s website, where you can get support from other agents, a website to market your business, and teleconferences and webinars to help you succeed.

The company should also provide you with access to representatives that can answer any questions that you may have immediately, so that you can better serve your customers. It is also a good idea to work with a company that has a proven track record in the industry, instead of going with a company that hasn’t been around for very long. This way, you can be sure that the company isn’t going to disappear overnight, and that you are indeed going to get paid your commissions.

Travel Multilevel Marketing Business

Did you remember the special travel package rewarded to first pair in the pit stop of Amazing Race? They were from the Travelocity. They were particularly popular of the “dwarf” statuette.

Travelocity is a brainchild of the leading travel innovator Sabre, the world’s largest travel agent reservation system. They really are big to make it to the Amazing Race show.

They claim to be an expert in travel and works with the world’s most respected travel providers, ranging from airlines, hotels, car rentals, cruise lines and other destination attractions and services like food, baggage, accidents, etc. They, according to a 5-month study, beat Expedia and Orbitz pricing of 88 and 87 percent of the time, respectively. They have the lowest fare with discounted weekend getaways, travel packages through its Last Minute Packages and Total Trip. And they provide the most honest, no-hidden cost and expertly travel advices 24 hours a day.

Yes! They are indeed an amazing travel group. Thus, joining in their affiliate program through Travelocity Branded Program is a guaranteed quality and income. And it is travel industry! Everyone loves to travel. Who does not?

The Travelocity Branded Partner Program pays you flat commissions and revenue shares from the following:
1. airline tickets and cruises;
2. car rentals;
3. hotel bookings;
4. flight and hotel purchases;
5. Last Minute Packages package;

Thus, if airline tickets are costly, commissions are high.

Travelocity is however not boundless. They meticulously assess affiliate program applicants, maybe as brand quality control. In some sense, it is a good effort to veer away irresponsible referrals, which are often in travel industry. Return rates of tourists are definitely low when their first travel experience is bad. Travelocity most probably factored this premise in drafting their affiliate program agreement.

Their deep understanding of travel is already amazing for Travelocity and who does not love travel.

Reforming the Travel Industry

Big Data and analytics are primarily reforming all aspects of the travel industry, and companies that do not adapt will be lagging behind in the data-led industry. Big Data Analytics is improving the customer experience, increasing business efficiency and revenue management in travel industry.

The travel industry generates and operates on vast quantities of data around reservations, inquiries, itineraries, hotel bookings, rental cars, trains, airlines, fare charts, customer feedbacks etc., thereby leaving long trails of data. Travel is overflowing with data and companies are increasing their dollar spend to get to the insight this provides to them, according to Eye for Travel’s new industry-wide State of Data and Analytics in Travel Report 2017.

According to the report, 74.5 percent participants anticipate a budget increase for data and analytics in 2017. More than 50 percent of the sample suggests a budget increase to the tune of 6 percent or more and 30 percent expect it to increase by 11 percent or more. Participants were most optimistic about budget increases in Asia-Pacific, followed by Europe and then finally North America. This geographic split is governed by how participants view the coming year for the travel and tourism industry as a whole. In both Asia-Pacific and Europe 16.3 percent of sample size is neutral or negative about growth prospects for this year vis-à-vis to 23.3 per cent of respondents from North America.

The travel and tourism industry has realized the importance of data analysis and is steering into a comfortable position to further exploit it to their benefit. The travel industry is catching up fast with other industries in terms of analytics and data deployment. These planned budgetary increases will help get the maximum value out of the huge amount of data that already exists in silos and more that will be generated in the future, by employing analytic techniques that can help get useful insights from it.

Below are some of the enhancements that travel intelligence, via Big Data Analytics, can bring in the two areas – customer experience and business efficiency improvement.

  • Personalized customer experience – Availability of personal data from social media platforms and Big Data Analytics help in making travel more responsive and focused on the traveler’s needs as well as preferences. Better-targeted services bring in better customer relationships or more loyal customers and eventually better revenues
  • Personalized customer experience – Availability of personal data from social media platforms and Big Data Analytics help in making travel more responsive and focused on the traveler’s needs as well as preferences. Better-targeted services bring in better customer relationships or more loyal customers and eventually better revenues
  • Superior pricing strategy – Big Data Analytics is effectively replacing traditional manual fare analysis with smart automation by gathering, indexing, filtering and analyzing existing and real-time data from multiple sources. Dynamic analysis of competitors pricing will help travel companies in creating a better pricing strategy for travel. Big Data Analytics allows travel sites to forecast price change over time, for better serving their consumer needs.